Bailey Products are a company that are passionate about constantly improving their excellent customer centric and professional service. The company is proud to have built its reputation based on providing high quality reliable products to a diverse customer base in countries around the globe through a global distribution network.

Realising the importance of communication and the benefits of effective customer relationships, Bailey Products recently invested in the integration of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. The main aims of the system are to assist with;

  • Making management decisions more effective and well informed due to the ability to undertake real-time reporting across all business areas.
  • Enabling users to follow up on activities when important actions are required ensuring that the customer is constantly kept updated.
  • Identifying performance hotspots quickly so that timely action can be taken to correct issues eliminating potential complaint areas arising in the future.
  • Connecting to accounting and other back-office applications to join up processes and remove double handling of tasks speeding up the time taken to deal with customer enquiries.
  • Providing a seamless and consistent service to the end customer regardless of the staff member who is dealing with their enquiry.

As a trusted and reliable company Bailey Products understand that customers are the key to their success and therefore identified the need to ensure that they make their service process as effective as possible. The CRM system will enable Bailey Products to centralise all the customer data so that staff can clearly understand their needs and purchasing behaviours in order to develop stronger and longer-lasting relationships with their customers.