For us it is all about making it as easy as possible for our end customers to find out all the information they need about our products. It is also important that as a growing company we continue to change with the times and with an estimated 1 million mobile websites in 2007 and the number to reach 150 million by 2017, it was time to make the Bailey Products’ website mobile responsive.

The use of mobile technology is ever increasing in number and speed, and with an estimated 5.47 billion smart phone users predicted for 2018 it is paramount that we adapt our way of working to keep up with this trend. According to studies about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use it for going online and half will go online at least once a day presenting a huge opportunity for our business and others. Our potential customers want information and products and they want them fast and with more and more people searching on the internet away from their desktop or computer, being mobile responsive is the only solution.

We are also taking the opportunity to refresh the look and feel of the site with new images, interesting articles and videos showcasing our production process hopefully attracting new visitors and in turn creating additional sales.