Standards of manufacture

Management systems standards such as ISO 9001 ensure a consistency of approach that drives efficiency forward. ISO 9001 is one of the most recognised management standards in the manufacturing industry, and an important certification for any organisation concerned about improving quality control.

Made in Britain

Great Britain is regarded as a quality supplier and Bailey Products are proud to make all of its products within the UK. There are laws in place that ensure UK suppliers manufacture to an approved industry standard, this provides peace of mind for purchasers who can be assured of continual high standards and quality control.

Scope of products manufactured

At Bailey Products we manufacture duct, drain, chimney rods and drain test plugs. However we may be able to offer variations or specials to satisfy individual requirements.

Trust Bailey Products to deliver globally

With satisfied customers across the globe – including the Middle East, Australasia and Africa – you can be assured that Bailey Products has a worldwide customer base.