The Bailey Products difference

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Bailey Products. Our products are renowned worldwide for the quality, durability and strength of manufacture. We have high standards and take pride in the solutions we deliver.

As a company we make systematic efforts to ensure that the products delivered meet with the contractual and performance, design, and reliability expectations of our customers. Inbuilt quality assurance helps us to prevent mistakes and defects in the development and production of our duct, drain, chimney rods and drain test plugs.

Bailey’s operate using flexible Lean Manufacturing techniques. A hybrid solution delivers high volume manufactured products direct to our distribution partners using a Pull system, whilst maintaining an in-house stock to ensure availability to customers who prefer smaller scheduled deliveries at short lead times. Bailey’s is supported by Marmon’s own Continuous Improvement team who deliver training and support to all.

Marmon’s companies and share best practice between the companies.

Quality assurance

Bailey Products certification to ISO 9001:2015 demonstrates the company’s commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. Effective quality management is one of the tangible business benefits responsible for building resilience and sustainable performance.

Bailey Products also holds ISO 14001, this environmental management system (EMS) is focused on how a company’s activities affect the natural world. By holding this certification our customer can be assured that we review our environmental impact and draft plans to address any issues.

The company is also ISO 45001 certified. Safety management systems – as covered by ISO 45001 – are vital in the manufacturing industry, as the safety of workers is a critical factor in the ability to get the work done.

Continuous improvement

As a company we promote a mindset and practice of continuous improvement through innovate thinking and continual evolution.