Bailey Products and Toolbank: Accelerating Charity at The Pavestone Rally 2023

Earlier this year Bailey Products proudly announced its sponsorship of Toolbank, a valued distributor, as they ventured into the exhilarating world of The Pavestone Rally 2023.

This annual charity car race is no ordinary event; it’s a remarkable journey of resilience and charity that spanned five countries, from Ghent in Belgium to the glamorous streets of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The goal was not just to embark on an adventure but also to raise funds for several noteworthy causes, including the Rainy Day Trust, the British Heart Foundation, Crash, and Variety.


Accelerating Toolbank’s Journey
Bailey Products’ support helped to accelerate Toolbank’s journey through the rugged terrains and picturesque landscapes of Europe. The Pavestone Rally is distinctive in its challenge: teams must acquire a car for under £500 and creatively adorn both the vehicle and themselves for a vibrant and spirited adventure across the continent.

Driving Good Causes
At the core of The Pavestone Rally lies its unwavering dedication to the betterment of society. The event stands as a testament to the impact of collective generosity, channelling its efforts towards charitable organisations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families facing challenging circumstances.

Joining the Journey
The call for support was answered by many who visited the sponsorship page, making contributions that collectively amounted to over £27,000. Every penny makes a difference, supporting the invaluable work of charities striving to bring hope and relief to those in need.

Mark Jones, representing Bailey Products, expressed their pride in sponsoring Toolbank’s endeavours at The Pavestone Rally, said, “It’s not only great for the charities but it also fosters a sense of adventure and camaraderie among participants. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the daily highlights and followed their journey with interest.”

A Legacy of Giving
The legacy of The Pavestone Rally shines brightly, as the last four rallies have raised a staggering £450,000 for charitable causes. With the invaluable support received this year, that total is set to grow even larger, further solidifying the rally’s status as a beacon of hope and charity.