100mm Noose Tool

The Noose Tool allows you to retrieve debris which is located a distance away from chamber.

Top tips

  • Use of a tube is suggested on retrievals from deeper chambers, this gives better control over the retrieval tool
  • Tape the noose against the rod to prevent premature engagement
  • Push gently down the line following with looksee push camera with reduced skid
  • Ensure to leave around 1ft of rods protruding from the end of the tube
  • Place tube against back wall of chamber pushing down with rods sat in channel
  • Once flat offer tube forward which will sent the retrieval tool into the line with ease
  • Whatever will fit in the noose can be removed with the noose
  • Manoeuvre noose over debris, push down on the rods as you pull on the non-stretch rope until the noose is tight against the target
  • Pull out gently now using just the rope, if the rods catch, turn quietly with the handle whilst maintaining the tension on the rope until freed
  • Continue until removed
Part numberZ7042
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