The innovative sewer retrieval kit offers the ideal solution for situations when jetting is not working and provides an alternative to more costly disruptive options. The kits has an incredibly high success rate, the high pedigree range of tools create an efficient and straightforward solution that has been carefully designed by a waste water operator within Welsh Water.

PreviewDescriptionVideoApplicationPart Number
100mm Noose  Tool100mm Noose ToolView Video
  • Retrieval of broken rods, branches etc.
  • Designed to be used within 100mm (4”) pipelines.
150mm Noose Tool150mm Noose ToolView Video
  • Removal of larger debris.
  • As above, but for use in 150mm and 225mm sewer lines.
Ball Magnet ToolBall Magnet ToolView Video
  • Removal of metal objects.
  • Can be used with the Jet nozzle. This very powerful magnet lifts heavy metal objects off the base invert of the sewer – lifting them clear of displaced joints so there is less chance of the object becoming dislodged.
M10 Lockfast AdaptorM10 Lockfast Adaptor
  • Enables Lockfast rods to be fitted to the Ball Magnet
Claw ToolClaw ToolView Video
  • Removal of rags, wet wipes, clothing.
  • The claw is wound into the blockage mass with the aid of the handle, then simply pulled to and break off clumps of material that can be easily removed.
Scraper Chisel ToolScraper Chisel ToolView Video
  • Removal of excess concrete etc.
  • Designed to remove concrete which fills less than half of the pipeline, this chisel cuts in both directions. Can also be used to remove trailing rubber seals on modern UPVC pipelines where debris is catching
  • Can be extended to 150mm by using the FGD1965 extension lug
Root Cutter ToolRoot Cutter ToolView Video
  • A tap root cutter to be used in conjunction with a camera.
  • Can be extended to 150mm by using the FGD1965 extension lug
Rotary Chisel ToolRotary Chisel ToolView Video
  • Clearing of concrete, mortar in a rotary manner
  • Used in conjunction with the FGD1896 two way chisel
Crook ToolCrook ToolView Video
  • Removal of broken rods and cloth.
  • Removal of debris hanging from lateral connections
  • Removal of sections of rod from within lateral connections
Crook tool extensionCrook tool extensionView Video
  • The short extension bar increases the tools capability to be used in both 150mm and 225mm pipes
Single Claw ToolSingle Claw ToolView Video
  • Removal of wet wipes, cloth etc.
  • Used in locations to remove wet wipes where the main claw could get stuck
Noose Tool Cable RollerNoose Tool Cable Roller
  • To aid for the insertion of the cable into the Noose Tool. Used to roll the cable into the groove on the noose tool
  • Used to roll the noose cord into the groove
100 to 150mm 4” to 6” extension lug100 to 150mm 4” to 6” extension lug
  • Extension bar for the chisel and root cutter that increases the tools capability to be used in 150mm pipes
1/2" Male STD Jet Nozzle1/2" Male STD Jet Nozzle
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Magnetic Ball
1/2" Female Swivel Adaptor1/2" Female Swivel Adaptor
  • Adaptor to allow the jet nozzle to be connected to a male or female end of a jetting hose.
Retrieval Tool Kit In CaseRetrieval Tool Kit In Case
  • All the above are included in a carry case for ease of storage
PreviewDescriptionVideoApplicationPart Number


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